Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Camp

Throughout the years Family Camp has changed. As a child it was all I looked forward to in the year and as an adult I still look forward to it, but when it comes I'm a little disappointed with it. Family Camp used to be about everyone being together as a group, but over the years we have wittled into little groups with some of those groups attempting to keep it together as it once was and some of the groups are trying to dominate all the good campsites. You always see Darryl and the Mayor taking different groups of kids and adults out on their boats, which to me is carrying out a tradition my dad did when we were kids and had a boat. You still see groups of us swimming together, and you still see all of us loading up on the boats and going to a random place to swim all day, but you don't see that closeness we all used to have. Don't get me wrong Family Camp is still great, but I do look back and say how much I miss those good old days. I hope that Family Camp will return back to what it once was to be so that one day when I have kids they can experience what I did when I was young.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! So glad you did the blog. I know how you feel about family camp.